Field Piece - SR47 Wireless Refrigerant Scale


The New Heavyweight Champion

  • 13″ platform to fit larger tanks and integrated bumpers for increased durability
  • Strong enough to hold a maximum load of 252 lbs
  • Wireless remote control with LED backlight –
    can be stored inside the scale, and makes viewing data easy
  • Industry-leading accuracy: ±0.03%rdg + 0.25 oz
  • Lightweight. Total weight of scale and remote is ~7 lbs
  • Water resistance can handle any job site
  • Connects to the Job Link® System App with 1000′ wireless
    range and Digital Manifolds SM480V & SM380V
  • Platform battery lasts 200+ hours – it can literally work all week if needed
  • Easy-to-use raised power button now located at base of scale
  • A2L compatible

The lightweight, but powerful Fieldpiece Wireless Refrigerant Scale, SR47’s industry-leading accuracy ensures your systems get the proper refrigerant charge every time. It communicates seamlessly with the Fieldpiece Job Link® System App or SMAN, so you’ll be able to read refrigerant levels anywhere on the job site while easily documenting and saving customer data. Also, the wireless remote stores right inside the scale and boasts an improved rubber gasket grip design, shorter length, larger display and a redesigned magnet, plus a hefty 80-hour battery life.

The SR47 can accommodate even larger refrigerant tanks.

Its 252-lbs maximum load capacity accommodates any charge or recovery requirement, while its oversized 13-inch platform design with unique integrated bumpers is engineered to fit larger refrigerant tanks. It also features the best platform battery life in the industry with a long life of up to 200+ hours, which minimizes jobsite downtime by removing the need to change or recharge batteries.


  • Wireless Refrigerant Scale Platform, SR47
  • Wireless remote
  • (1) 9V Battery (remote), (6) AA Batteries (platform)
  • Carrying case


Specifications good in ambient conditions of 73°F ±9°F (23°C ±5°C), <75% relative humidity
Over range: “OL” is displayed
Maximum load: 252.00 lbs (114.00 kg)
Max tank base diameter: 13 inches (33 cm)
Auto power off: 30 minutes of inactivity (no change in weight or buttons pressed), (APO can be disabled)
Backlight: Blue, turns off in 2 minutes if no buttons are pressed
Accuracy: ±0.03%rdg + 0.25 oz (10 g), 0 to 66 lbs (0 to 30 kg) ±0.05%rdg + 0.25 oz (10 g), 66 to 252 lbs (30 to 114 kg)
Resolution and units: lb oz (0.25 oz), lb (0.1 lb), oz (0.3 oz), kg g (10 g), kg (0.1 kg), g (10 g)
Temperature coefficient: 0.1 x (specified accuracy) per °F
Wireless range: 1000 feet (305 meters) line of sight.
Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz
Battery type: Remote display: 9V, NEDA 1604, JIS 006P, IEC 6F22 Platform: 6 x AA, NEDA 15A, JIS UM3, IEC LR6
Battery life: Remote display: 80 hours typical alkaline (backlight off) Platform: 200 hours typical alkaline
Operating environment: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) at <75% RH
Storage temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C), 0 to 80% RH (with battery removed)
Weight: Platform with battery ~7 lbs (3190 g), Remote with battery 0.49 lbs (220 g)
Water resistant: IP54 (Platform), IP64 (Remote)

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