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Qwik-Products - QT2501 QwikShot Acid Flush, 1 Treatment (1/2 oz)

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QwikShot® Acid Flush was developed to solve the problem of treating acid without leaving disruptive residues. Neutralization acid treatment must leave a residue of some kind and residues can cause problems. Instead of neutralizing, QwikShot® Acid Flush quickly flushes any harmful acids into the filter-drier of an operating system.

Unlike acid neutralizers that leave a salt based residue from a chemical reaction, QwikShot chemically attaches to acid and/or moisture molecules and flushes them to the filter drier.

Safe for all systems
Works with all refrigerants, oils, and filter-driers
Produces no residue or contamination
OEM Approved
Only acid treatment on the market guaranteed not to invalidate any equipment manufacturer’s warranty
Application: HVAC acid and moisture system treatment
Size: One bottle treats up to a 6-ton unit and removes up to 26 drops of moisture
Color: Clear
Material: Liquid
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