Fieldpiece - SCM4 Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Get real-time results.

Field-replaceable CO sensor
Calibrate to ambient quickly with the ZERO button
Audio/visual alarms with mute
Fast electro-chemical sensor
Magnetic hanger for hands free

The SCM4 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector has a very fast reaction time, and measures CO in parts per million (ppm). Its electrochemical sensor is fast enough for walk-around tests. Features and benefits include: Field-replaceable CO sensor; Advanced three-pin sensor measures 0 to 1000 ppm CO; Calibrate / Zero SCM4 to ambient quickly with the ZERO button; Audio and visual alarms w/mute; Bright-blue, backlit dual-display with MAX and real-time measurements displayed; Magnetic hanger for hands-free operation; Auto Power-Off (APO).

The “Walk-Around” Test:  The SCM4 responds to changes in CO levels in real time.

  •  Zero the unit outdoors away from any source of CO (will not zero if CO levels are higher than 5ppm)
  •  Enter the structure
  •  Walk around and watch the display
  •  Move toward the area of highest concentration to find the CO source

The SCM4 Carbon Monoxide Detector (CO Detector) offers several features and benefits to field technicians:

  •  Field-replaceable CO sensor
    – Easy to install
    – Lasts approximately two years
    – Comes pre-calibrated
  •  Fast electrochemical sensor helps you find CO sources like cracked heat exchangers or breached flue stacks
  •  Calibrate to ambient quickly with ZERO button
  •  Audio and visual alarms (with MUTE function)
  •  Alarm rate increases as carbon monoxide concentration increases
  •  MAX hold to help you zero in on the source
  •  Bright-blue backlit dual-display to test in dark crawl spaces
  •  Magnetic hanger for hands free testing
  •  Auto Power Off (APO) to save battery life (easy to disable)
  •  Battery check with % of battery life left displayed


  • Carbon Monoxide Detector – SCM4
  • 9V Battery (installed)
  • Operator’s Manual
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